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Welcome to The Steel Ball Company, the UK's only manufacturer of hot rolled steel ball grinding media. Our steel balls are used worldwide in ball mills for fine grinding and pulverising crushed minerals.

The Steel Ball Company’s grinding media is a valuable commodity widely used in power stations for coal grinding, limestone grinding for flue gas desulphurisation, cement production, aerated building block manufacturing and in the mining industry, especially in gold, silver, copper and zinc mines.

We also produce mild steel balls for use in ornamental ironwork to act as decorative finials on steel gates and railings.


Revolutionising Cement Grinding

Higher Technology.
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Quality ‘Thru and Thru’: Our Hallmark

A Total Service To Meet Your Needs

Historically the company was one of the first producers in Europe to supersede the use of flint pebbles as grinding materials for cement manufacture with their own specially developed cylindrical steel bodies.

Soon afterwards the company designed, developed and subsequently took its name from the spirally coiled steel wire grinding media, which revolutionised the cement grinding process.

The Steel Ball Company’s continued development of advanced grinding media technology has established the company at the forefront of grinding media manufacturers.

One of our major strengths is in manufacturing the FULL RANGE of grinding media hardnesses, providing precisely the right solution for a particular application.

Our customers know that they can rely on grinding media products that will always give them sustained and consistent performance, hence a higher quality mill output.

Throughout their life, our grinding balls retain their original shape, as they wear, keeping grinding efficiency to a maximum.

The consistent high quality of our
products is stringently maintained through advanced manufacturing techniques backed up by a continual programme of monitoring and quality control.

Equally important, you can count on comprehensive support and expertise. Given that we manufacture the grinding media we have the flexibility to meet your specification to the last detail.

Our staff are highly qualified professionals who understand your needs, and are totally committed to providing the solutions, which will serve you best.