About The Steel Ball Company

The Steel Ball Company is proud to be one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of hot rolled steel ball grinding media and mild steel balls for decorative ornamental ironwork. With over 90 years’ experience in the development of grinding media, The Steel Ball Company has gained a reputation as a technological leader through pursuing the dual criteria of efficiency and quality.

The high carbon steel round bars used in the manufacture of our grinding media balls are only sourced from those steel mills that have the appropriate accreditation and certification standards and all material is thoroughly inspected at the time of receipt into our warehouse and again at the point it makes its final journey to our customers.

We offer two types of grinding ball; each in a wide range of hardnesses tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

Standard ball sizes produced are:

  • 25-70 mm.
  • Larger diameters are available upon request.

The major advantage of precision ball rolling, compared with traditional forging methods, is the un-interrupted grain flow.  All our grinding balls are made from specially selected carbon and alloy steels produced to The Steel Ball Company’s precise specification.

  • Steel bars are heated in a gas-fired walking beam furnace before being transferred to the rolling mill.
  • The hot material is fed into a pair of rotating dies causing the bar to spin in the rolls.
  • Balls are formed at the rate of 2 – 7 balls per second dependent on the diameter being produced.
  • The product is quenched and tempered to a pre-selected grade of hardness.
  • For your convenience, the finished steel balls can be packed into steel drums, bespoke customer stillages or polypropylene bags.