Environmental Policy Statement

The Steel Ball Company Ltd recognises that to have a planned approach to the prevention and reduction of waste and pollution leads to a long term reduction of costs.

The Steel Ball Company Ltd will control its activities to avoid unnecessary and unacceptable risks or adverse effects on the environment, in line with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Environmental awareness and individual responsibility will be developed amongst employees at all levels and effective consultation will be encouraged. The Company will develop and improve standards by making use of available technology and developments, together with waste recovery and a recycle approach. Plant vehicles and equipment will be maintained and operated to provide maximum environmental protection as far as is practical.

Clients, employees and the general public who may be affected will be made aware of any company activity that may affect the environment.

Environmental Action

Management will take individual responsibility to ensure that environmental issues are considered when making decisions and when planning or controlling works. This includes the minimisation of transport usage by having materials delivered from the nearest producer to our sites.


All employees must recognise their individual responsibilities for carrying out their works in a sympathetic manner with respect to the environment.

Waste Reduction

All employees must give careful consideration to the elimination and reduction of waste. Where recycling or re-use of a material is an economical advantage this will be considered.