Quality Statement:

The Steel Ball Company will always pride itself on the quality of products that it manufactures. Raw material is only sourced from those mills that have the appropriate accreditation and certification standards and all material is thoroughly inspected at the time of delivery to our premises. The company ethos is one of continual improvement and customer support through all stages of the manufacturing and supply process, including full support for employees with regard to training.

We are committed to being the preferred supplier in each of the markets we serve. To this end, our customers are our primary concern. We aim to not only satisfy them, but also to earn their loyalty through forming long-standing relationships. We will continue to develop processes for understanding their needs and expectations. We actively involve all of our employees in assessing and refining the internal quality systems and take prompt action on what we learn from these. The Steel Ball Company is totally committed to providing its customers and suppliers with an excellent service and an enjoyable working relationship.

Quality Certificate:

Certificate No: 156536Q

Download a copy of The Steel Ball Company’s ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate HERE